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R&D Products

Beray Engineering had executed two R&D projects supported by the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey since 2009 with its academic background and vast knowledge.

Shortly named as UTUVA (National Satellite Based Data Archive), the project produces maps of hydrology, agriculture, transport, energy, tourism, meteorology and such maps that several disciplines require as; cloud, snow covered area, albedo, vegetation index, snow water equivalent, sun radiation and surface temperature are produced daily and real-time and data starting from the year 2000 are archived.

Within “Maximum Water Power Hydrologic Estimation and Energy Optimization System” which shortly named as MARNAS, a hydrologic model that can make 72 hours in advance flow estimation for rivers is developed by Beray Engineering. “Beray Hydrologic Model” works fully integrated with meteorological forecast data, meteorological measurement station data in the basin and Market Financial Settlement Centre data and produces 72 hours in advance operation scenarios for hydroelectric power plant establishments. Therefore, income of hydroelectric power plant establishments can be increased up to 20%. In addition, early warning system interferes in order to prevent a possible flood risk and warns the authorized persons. MARNAS can be used as an early warning system not only for hydroelectric power plant establishments but also for the settlements which under flood risk.


Beray uses high-tech analysis tolls in addition to traditional methods in its all consultancy and engineering services for the multidimensional analysis of the problems and phenomena.


We make our planning in line with the awareness that the planning made at the point that economy and performance intersects together with the accurate timing is at utmost value.


Regular inspections in the implementation phase are the key of our success during the process that starts with attention.

Companies we worked with

The companies we work are self-proven and successful firms in their sectors

  • Ulu Enerji Elektrik Üretim A.Ş.
  • Akasya Elektrik Üretim Ltd. Şti.
  • Gürgen Enerji Üretim ve Dağıtım A.Ş.
  • Derebaşı Enerji A.Ş.
  • Yeşilköy Elektrik Üretim ve Ticaret Ltd.Şti.
  • ONK Elektrik Üretim San. ve Tic. A.Ş.
  • Ensu Elektrik Üretim Ltd. Şti.
  • Yeşilyurt Enerji Üretim A.Ş.
  • Ortaçağ Enerji Üretim A.Ş.
  • Dumlu Enerji Üretim Ltd. Şti.
  • HİDRO-D Hidroelektrik Enerji Üretim A.Ş
  • Yüceyurt Enerji Üretim Ltd. Şti.
  • Aycan Enerji Üretim A.Ş.