Project Detail

Ardanuç-5 HEPP project is located on Suat & Polat creeks which are in Ardanuç district of Artvin city inside Black Sea region. Suat Creek flows are diverted by sidewise intake structure with radial gate mounted spillway.

Polat Creek flows are diverted to system by a Coanda intake structure where opening of screens are 1.0 mm. Polat creek conveyance system is a pressurized pipeline. The open channel flow conveyance tunnel length is around 2150 m . The overground penstock length is 360 m and diameter is 1700 mm. There will exist two horizontal axis Francis turbines inside powerhouse and total installed power will be 12.93 MW.

Ardanuç-5 HEPP is a successive example of tailor made design where topography is complex like Black Sea Region.

  • Investor
  • Yeşil Mavi Elektrik Üretim Ltd. Şti
  • Location
  • Ardanuç/Artvin
  • Installed Power
  • 12.93 MW
  • Design Discharge
  • 10.50 m³/s
  • Net Head
  • 145.00 m
  • Contract Year
  • 2014
  • Services
  • FR
  • FD
  • DD
  • Progress
  • Processing