The demand for water is increasing dramatically everyday. Moreover, it is hard to find the water resource that has desired quality and quantity. Therefore, it is crutial to evaluate the current available water resources efficiently in consideration of economical, environmental, and social benefits. In addition to that, the success of the water resources management studies depends on the adequate and complete explication of relationships between the processes affecting hydrological systems. Thus, defining the system on the basin scale in a naturally determined frame and specifying the efficiency on this scale is the most reliable and effective way as we prefer to do.

Beray successfully applies hydrological models that has worldwide acceptance to variable sized basins in Turkey. Considering that Turkey's major basins are feeded by melting snow water, Beray is able to generate real time snow covered areas and snow water equivalent products by using latest remote sensing technologies available. Flood, which is one of the most commonly faced natural disasters, is a major threat for people and structures both in Turkey and for the most of the World. By using meteorological forecast models, Beray is able to make accurate predictions about quantity of flood occuring in any one of the Turkey basins 48 hours before it happens. Beray offers great convenience for the management of facilities with real time predictions.