We provide full service for Hydroelectrical Power Plant Projects from prefeasibility study to application level. By considering the uniqueness of each water structure, we produce genuine solutions for genuine problems. Before proceeding with further application stages of structures,we minimize the ambiguity of design parameters considering the optimum cost and production conditions. Therefore, we provide our customers with the most effective service considering trustworthiness of their investments.

The methodologies we use while developing project formulations are not only ordinary and commonly used ones but also some cutting edge technologies such as: remote sensing technologies, distributed hydrological models, hydrogeological studies and neural network technologies.

Flood, which is one of the most commonly faced natural disaster is a major threat for people living both in Turkey and the rest of the World. By using meteorological forecast models, Beray is able to make accurate predictions about quantity of flood occuring in any one of the Turkey basins 48 hours before it happens. Beray offers great convenience for the management of facilities with real time predictions.

Our references are our projects.