“Beray Hydrologic Model” works fully integrated with meteorological forecast data, meteorological measurement station data in the basin and Market Financial Settlement Centre data and produces 72 hours in advance operation scenarios for hydroelectric power plant establishments. Therefore, income of hydroelectric power plant establishments can be increased up to 20%. In addition, early warning system interferes in order to prevent a possible flood risk and warns the authorized persons. MARNAS can be used as an early warning system not only for hydroelectric power plant establishments but also for the settlements which under flood risk.

How MARNAS system work?

  • Basin analysis is made after defining basin borders
  • Precipitation, temperature and flow data are collected for the analyzed basin
  • Basin calibration is made after the data reaches to a certain level
  • Next 72 hour’s temperature and precipitation data are obtained
  • Estimated flow data are calculated for next 72 hours
  • Hourly day-ahead electric prices are obtained from PMUM center
  • Prices and hourly estimated flow data are processed through optimization system
  • Daily operation scenario is generated
Maximum Water Power Hydrologic Estimation and Energy Optimization