Beray Engineering, in a short time, has taken place amongst pioneer firms of the sector after its establishment with its innovative and creative solutions. Beyond being a design firm, it had succeeded several engineering works with its academic staff, technologic infrastructure and scientific studies.

Beray, provides a wide range of consultancy and engineering services to the investors varying from project design to material procurement, from field work to financial resource solutions. It aims to develop unique solutions in line with the customer needs in each project with its costumer oriented approach.

Beray, makes research on national and international resources, gives major importance to develop environmental friendly, economic and sustainable solutions. It makes a difference with time accurate, correct and quality work.


Beray aims to give best engineering, consultancy and project management services in environment, water, renewable energy resources, transport and information technologies fields. Our expert team is focused on providing sustainable and creative solutions to our customers.

Our Vision

To provide demanded solutions of our sector with a new, creative, up to date and interdisciplinary perspective that goes beyond the conventional approach.