Hydropower Projects

We provide full service for Hydroelectrical Power Plant Projects from prefeasibility study to application level. By considering the uniqueness of each water structure, we produce genuine solutions for genuine... read more

Water Resources Management

The demand for water is increasing dramatically everyday. Moreover, it is hard to find the water resource that has desired quality and quantity. Therefore, it is crutial to evaluate the current available water... read more

Remote Sensing

The developments in remote sensing technologies offer revolutionary possibilities such as: landuse studies, agriculture & forestry mapping, change detection, meteorological events observation, disaster... read more

Information Technologies

Beray has its own place in the evolution process of modern information technologies world that data became public knowledge. Beray ... read more

Terrain Assessment

Beray seeks out land opportunities in developing areas and properties below market value. Beray offers its individual and corporate clients to take advantage of cheap and promising... read more

Infrastructure Projects

We recruit professionals and academic advisors who have expertises of modeling the local and national scale storm-sanitary sewage and water distribution network projects... read more

Mapping and Castrate

Beray provides all kinds of cartography services in high quality to the customers with experinced staff and wide inventory of equipments through its group company ... read more