Project Detail

Project is located around Uğurköy village which is 20 km from the city center of the Düzce Kaynaşlı.

Project site is located inside the forest area. Total 5 diversion weirs with capacities ranging from 400 lt/s to 1000 lt/s were constructed in the scope of the project. The creeks carries leaves, bushes, timbers, etc. because of dense forest. For these reasons, each weir was equipped with special design Coanda screens with 1.0 mm openings which have proven performance against blockage and then operating costs are minimized and ease of operation was provided.

Stream waters are conveyed to headpond by corrugated pipe. Headpond was constructed underground for storing and regulation purposes. Especially summer and autumn months almost all electricity productions are sold at peak hour due to store capacity.

The 1000 mm diameter 770.0 m length penstock was installed under-ground. There exists only one vertical six jet Pelton turbine manufactured by Koessler inside power house where total installed power is 8.20 MW.

Koknar HEPP Powerhouse dimension were minimized and tail water is conveyed to Soğuksu Unit for Çınar- 1 HEPP Project. Köknar HEPP project is a good sample design for an easy operation of the small hydro power where lots of small creeks are the main water resource in the forest area.

  • Investor
  • Aycan Enerji Üretim AŞ
  • Location
  • Beyköy/Düzce
  • Installed Power
  • 8.20 MW
  • Design Discharge
  • 2.50 m³/s
  • Net Head
  • 373.15 m
  • Contract Year
  • 2010
  • Services
  • FR
  • FD
  • DD
  • Progress
  • Operation