Project Detail

Lale HEPP project is on Toroslu Creek which is located in Araklı district of Trabzon city inside Black Sea Region.

Diversion weir designed in the wild valley at 1500.0 m M.S.L are equipped with special design Coanda screens with 1.0 mm openings which are resistant against freezing under severe winter conditions. About 6 months access to weir location is impossible.

Therefore coanda screen leads to continuous operation without any discontinuity caused by freezing. Project net head is 850 m and installing coanda screen leads to prolong the runner life. Diverted creek flow is transferred to the headpond by corrugated pipe of 2200 mm diameter where flow can also be stored. Flow regulation will let investor to sell electricity at peak hours except a few months during snow melt.

The 600 mm diameter 2200 m length penstock is constructed as buried. There exists a four vertical jet Pelton turbine inside power house.

Lale HEPP project is a good example for observing Beray solutions for high head facility projects.

  • Investor
  • Ulu Enerji Elektrik Üretim A.Ş.
  • Location
  • Araklı/Trabzon
  • Installed Power
  • 6.50 MW
  • Design Discharge
  • 0.90 m³/s
  • Net Head
  • 850.00 m
  • Contract Year
  • 2013
  • Services
  • FR
  • FD
  • DD
  • Progress
  • 2015-June in operation