Project Detail

Murat-1.1 project is on Alan Creek which is located in Mesudiye district of Ordu city inside Black Sea Region.

Diversion weir designed at 1500.0 m M.S.L are equipped with special design Coanda screens with 1.0 mm openings which are resistant against freezing under severe winter conditions and are running without maintanence.

There exists no settling basins for the weir. Diverted creek flow is transferred to underground headpond by buried corrugated pipelines. The 700 mm diameter 1200 m length penstock is also buried. There exists a four jet vertical Pelton turbine inside power house.

Murat-1.1 project tail water is discharged by a siphon structure to the Murat-1.2 pipeline system.

Project is a good methodology development example for a cascade type hydro-project.

  • Investor
  • Akasya Elektrik Üretim Ltd. Şti.
  • Location
  • Mesudiye/Ordu
  • Installed Power
  • 1.88 MW
  • Design Discharge
  • 1.10 m³/s
  • Net Head
  • 198.00 m
  • Contract Year
  • 2012
  • Services
  • FR
  • FD
  • DD
  • Progress
  • Operation